Greeting Things we want to convey to you

 At ATOM International Human Resources Organization, we discover・educate・support activities of international human resources.


 With the help of supervising organizations and our member companies, we are able to be active continuously,


 We search for and discover excellent human resources through various recruiting agencies and, by ourselves.


 We  interview candidates beforehand, verifying their academic background, work experiences, skills, personality, family background and  whether if they are appropriate for us or not.


 For 6 months before coming to Japan, they reach at level 3 or 4 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


 We offer  Japanese language lesson without any charge and scholarship depending on their Japanese language level.


 There are three different ways to study and work in Japan, including international student, technical intern trainee, and college graduate technical intern trainee.


 International students spend almost 10 thousand dollars per year, paying for their tuition fee and living expenses.They tend to study at school for the daytime and work for the night. 


 And technical intern trainees receive a salary of 1000 dollars per month and get to save 10, 000 dollars per year while learning practical and technical skills.


 ATOM has been putting an effort into accepting 「Technical intern trainees」since October, 2016.


 Actually there are many graduates of universities and junior colleges, coming to Japan with an 「Engineer」visa. But there are many cases where they don't have any Japanese language knowledge and can't gain any practical experience. Also they can't become established in their company, as it is free to change their job.


 And we have them learn techniques and skills by gaining experience in the construction sites and practical operations.


  At the same time, they are able to study Japanese on their off-days receiving lessons taught by instructors at Japanese Language Educational Organizations which cooperates with ATOM, while intern training in Japan.(No charge needed for college-gradaute technical intern trainees)


 Technical intern trainees are also able to acquire driver's license, switch it into a Japanese one, and pass the examination for national certifications of construction.


 There is a rule to follow the plan of  training  for 3 years of training. There is a saying in Japanese that goes “Three years on a (cold) stone will make the stone warm”(Perseverance prevails). In three years, one could learn about the working method, the way of thinking, the lifestyle, the bad and good things of Japan and its people and can even master Japanese.


 You and your company could also mutually understand each other and build a reliationship of mutual trust for that amount of time.


 Of course, technical intern trainees are paid while getting to obtain practical experience.


 One  needs more than 10 thousand dollars a year if he/she come to Japan as an international student, while being able to save more than 10 thousand dollars if he/or she come to Japan as a technical intern trainee.


 It is by the time technical intern trainees pass level 1 of Japanese language proficiency test when they change their visa status from 「Technical intern trainee」 to 「Engineer」. One needs 3 years to be at level 1 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test. One needs to acquire the qualification for Level 1 to be able to communicate with their co-workers smoothly.


  Also, one need 3 years to master the constiruction site operations.


 Let’s start by saving 30,000 to 50,000 dollars and  obtain level 1 of Japanese Language Proficiency as a technical intern trainee. Try to get driver's license and National certificates of construction after that. And let's work as an Engineer.


 To come back as an 「Engineer」,technical intern trainees need to work in their home country for more than 6 months after completing their intern training.In that time, they could marry or think about their future life plans.


 Technical intern trainees go back to Japan as an engineer and get to work as a construction designer, construction manager or a supervisor.

 The salary of Japanese engineers is expensive.


 Even though it is our wish to have technical intern trainees work for as long as they could, things could change after ten years. It is fully possible for technical intern trainees to go back to their home country and work there. They could become presidents of local subsidiary or start up their own business.


 We really hope them to try their best using all the experiences they gained in Japan, for their country, family and themselves.


 Well, let's study and work in Japan as a technical intern trainee.


 Your thoughts will be the power to open the way for tomorrow,future.



January, 2018


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