Technical intern trainees(A working student)

Those who graduated from high school, Junior College and College/University in their homecountry are available to apply.

 ①They intern(work) at construction sites for 3 to 5 years

    ②They reach level 2 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test while intern training. 

 ③After completing their technical intern training,

                                                            they are eligible to change their visa status to “Engineer”. 

     ④As an engineer, he was active in a long-standing Japanese affiliated company.

          He is also active in his home country.

Discovering・picking out human resource

We discover excellent and motivated human resource among graduates of Junior college and Colleges/Universities in construction field.


①Mathematics test・Native language test・English test

②Japanese test・Aptitude test・Test of physical strength

③Interview test

Education program before coming to Japan.

In this program, they get taught things that are suitable for their learning ability and  attainment level.

(1) Acquiring Level 4 of Japanese Proficiency Test.

(2) Reaching at Level 3 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

■ATOM helps paying for expenses for Japanese language education mentioned above.

Offering a free loan of scholarship

It is provided depending on their level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


  ①N4  300 dollars

  ②N3  600 dollars

  ③N2 1000 dollars


(Determined by the judging criteria of ATOM)

Getting driver's license


Technical intern trainees need to be able to drive if their job is a construction site supervisor for example.。


① We cooperate with driving schools in their home country.

② We help them drill practice for them to switch their driver's license   into a Japanese one.

③ We help them pass a test of switching their driver's license into a Japanese one.

■ATOM covers all expenses for things written above.

Introduction of an appropriate sending organization

Introduction of a sending organization, where procedure of dispatch is properly made, basic Japanese language education is implemented, management of the trainees who had come to Japan is good.


①Introduction of sending organizations which are approved by Vietnamese government and cost less than 3600 dollars to dispatch.

②All types of charges including deposit is prohibited.


Help them acquire the qualifications related with construction

(1)Education on the Industrial Safety and Health(Special education・Skills training course)


①Vehicle system ②Slinging work ③High-place operation、 ④Arc welding, gas welding ⑤Scaffolding etc…


(2)Support them acquire the qualifications for certificates

①Quilified architecture of first and second class

 ②Quilified construction managing engineers of first and second class士

 ③Qualified civil engineering construction management engineer of first and second class

④Qualified tube work construction management engineer of first and second class

ATOM General Corporate Judicial Person  International Human Resource Organization

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