College graduate technical intern trainees(A working student)

① Technical interns learn how to do a job by working in production sites or construction sites in Japan. 

② They earn the qualification for Level 3 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test after one year of intern training in Japan, as they receive continuous training of Japanese Language in ATOM.

③ Technical interns get to receive a salary while doing an intern training and  learn Japanese language by receiving Japanese language lessons continuously.

④  They are able to work for more than 5 years by changing their visa status from 「Technical intern trainees」 to 「Engineer」 after completing their intern training(3-5years)

⑤ We help them acquire the qualifications for Qualified architect of first and second class, Quilified construction managing engineers of first and second class and Qualified civil engineering construction management engineer of first and second class.

⑥  Technical intern trainees, training at Japanese companies that are active overseas get to work as an executive when the company expands their business to their home country later.

①Free loan of scholarship


① Offering them a scholarship depending on the knowledge of their Japanese language skill.

② Helping  them pay for their educational fee and living expenses cost before coming to Japan.

③ Helping them pay for their acquisition cost of driver's license.

② Studying while working


① Getting to study while receiving a salary.

 ② Acquiring level 2 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test by receiving continuous Japanese Language lessons even after coming to Japan.

 ③ Helping them switch their driver's license into a Japanese one.

 ④ Offering them an education needed for acquiring qualifications related with construction.

③Working in Japanese companies for a long time


① Changing their visa status from 「Technical intern trainee」 to 「Engineer」.

② Being able to work in Japanese companies which are active overseas, as an engineer.

③ Becoming able to work for a long time as an executive if the company they are assigned at expands their business to their home country.

   (Expected to acquire high salary)

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